Eddytec BV

Eddytec’s mission is to transform defect detection in carbon fibre composites. Their technology uses eddy currents that makes it modern, simple, and affordable. This method will help make better, cheaper carbon composites – think lighter planes and more efficient wind turbines.

Carbon fibre composites are lightweight and high-performance materials. They are used in manufacturing of planes, cars, bikes, and medical equipment. The quality of the materials has a direct impact on their extraordinary properties. Thus, it is crucial to monitor the quality during production and usage.

Most of the methods available today are slow, unreliable, or expensive. Eddytec was founded by dr. Alina Chanaewa (former CTO at Skytree B.V.), dr. Rudolf Sprik (UvA), and dr. Christiaan Schoemaker (HvA) in 2022 to change that.

Eddytec BV

Roetersstraat 35
1018 WB  Amsterdam