AIBiomics BV

AIBiomcs BV is a company that provides a ground breaking new mobile health application developing an app for rapid human gut microbiota analysis (AI powered by Horaizon Technology BV). The company involves 4 people and should expand in upcoming years. The company is currently focusing on pioneering microbial analyses through rapid image detection to develop, improve, and market the application and technology in the area of chronic bowel disease, colorectal cancer, pediatrics, weight control and diabetes.

The composition of the gut microbiota (bacteria) is relevant in almost every disease known. However, its determination is dependent DNA sequencing technology and complex bioinformatic analyses. These capabilities and the required expertise are not present in many laboratories, let alone households, and are expensive and time-consuming. For further implementation of microbiome products, there is an urgent need for rapid screening options.

We aim to develop an application to determine the microbiome in seconds based on a machine learning algorithm of a photo taken of a fecal sample with a contemporary Smartphone camera. We showed that this method can reveal sample microbiome diversity with 83% certainty and 40 specific genera related to disease with up to 90% certainty (paper submitted 2024). The outcomes reveals the composition of bacteria in human fecal samples, at the level of the so-called enterotypes (Bacteroides, Ruminococcaceae and Prevotella). An enterotype distinguishes intestinal health status, and can be used in diseases such as diabetes, infant health, or cancer. The application can become available in the App Store.

Given the devolution of the gut microbiome composition and increase of disease burden in populations with a Western lifestyle we will empower patients with the option of a Predictive, Preventative, Personalized and Participatory approach. This project aims to implement a state-of-the-art, low-cost and rapid approach for profiling the human gut microbiota composition using image-based AI techniques enabling the potential daily (routine) fecal analysis in both diseased and (still) healthy subjects to improve personalized nutrition and outpatient care.

AIBiomics BV

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